Web3dom Season One: A Reflective Milestone

Publishing one article a week for three years might not be something to boast about, especially when many seasoned writers and artists maintain their daily routines for decades. However, sticking to it is still worth a little self-reward. And the reward is… to keep writing! 🥲

Over the past year, excluding retrospectives and event notifications, I published 55 articles. These, as usual, cover Information Freedom (23 articles), Financial Freedom (18), Democracy (9), and Uncle’s Diary (5). 

At the end of this post, I have listed all 55 English articles from this season for those who might want to catch up or revisit. I’ve marked the most popular ones with a 🔥 and my personal favorites, often the overlooked gems, with a 🌈. Although I’d like to select more, I’ve limited myself to just one per category. If you disagree with my choices, feel free to leave a comment.

I’m often worried that I write too much about my daily life, veering off the “web3dom” topic. However, after checking, I found that my life diary accounts for less than 10% of the content, thanks to the “nano diary” strategy—brief personal notes placed at the end of each weekly update in the “p.s.” section to reduce the impact of personal ramblings on the newsletter.

Besides categorizing by “Three Freedoms”, the articles can be divided into various series, including book preservation (10.5 articles), Bitcoin (8), book and film reviews (5.5), LikeCoin (5), product reviews (4), and information security (4).

Thanks to the advent of AI, the newsletter has been available in English under the name web3dom – of web3 and freedom. The latest issue is last week’s #54. Over the year, web3dom accumulated 135 free subscribers. The response has been modest, but I’ve been managing it passively without actively promoting it.

Another experiment this season was switching platforms. Over the past month, emails have been sent via Paragraph. The migration had some errors, and there are still some bugs to fix, but the platform’s functionality is promising. After moving to Paragraph, the Chinese and English newsletters were combined. Subscribers continue to receive the language they were subscribed to on Substack but can change their preferences or opt for both languages.

Subscription and Community Support

As of today, my newsletters have over 21,400 free subscribers across both languages, with an open rate slightly dropping to about 31% after the platform switch. The peak number of paid subscribers was 168, but it has recently dropped to 154, all from the Chinese version, contributing approximately $8,660 annually. Previously, I used this income to support my writing and reporting. However, with the DHK dao maturing, starting in the fourth season, I will transfer all the income directly to a multi-signature wallet managed by community members.

I lead a simple life, and any surplus I have is invested back into civil society. So, there’s no need to feel sorry for me. Instead, since the subscription income is used for the community, we should support it even more. I should adopt the same mindset: since it’s not for me, I need to move away from a passive approach, actively promote paid subscriptions, and encourage more people to become “daoists”.

Information Freedom

  1. Why I write
  2. Hong Kong DeCentral Library
  3. I invested in Substack, a media platform that combines reading and socializing
  4. 🔥Whether the core of web3 lies in AI or blockchain is not up to KOLs🔥
  5. NFTs as a carrier of karma
  6. Launching a Web3 Publishing House in Pursuit of Freedom
  7. Kindle Withdraws from China: The Evil of DRM
  8. 🌈Why Steve Jobs opposed DRM🌈
  9. Forever preserving human history and culture – for how long ever?
  10. The Hong Kong DeCentral Library beta lauch
  11. 1000 True Fans: Even a rotten pig head has an anosmic deity to appreciate it
  12. Twilight of the Brave: Ip Man, Dai Pai Dong and Sham Shui Po
  13. The 100th “Writing NFT” as a Gift for Readers | Publishing = Work ^ (Distribution * Presentation)
  14. The UBR “Universal Basic Reader” project: Purchasing all Hong Kong books published in 2024
  15. No code in practicing decentralization in daily life
  16. Work and Character: Reflections on Reading Dung Kai Cheung’s Kokoro
  17. The UBR “Universal Basic Reader” Project is officially launched
  18. After the Taipei Book Fair: My One and Only Book Haul
  19. Web3 Bookplate: Proof of Readership
  20. LikeCoin 3.0 GreenPaper. Introduction
  21. LikeCoin 3.0 Green Paper: Part One – Returning to Ethereum
  22. LikeCoin 3.0 Green Paper: Part Two – Where does the Coin Fall?
  23. Like Coin 3.0 Green Paper: Part Three – The Seven-Step Upgrade

Financial Freedom

  1. Kelpr: Navigator of the Cosmos
  2. Comparing Cosmos and Ethereum Ecosystems from the Interfaces of Kelpr and Metamask
  3. The Playbook to walk you through 3 levels of Bitcoin adoption
  4. Thoughts on ATOM’s price
  5. Ten points on the JPEX Incident (from a newbie who had just deposited funds)
  6. Pure academic talk: On registering a Jpex account and deposit without revealing personal information
  7. 9gag MEMECOIN’s Market Capitalization Surpasses One Billion HKD: My Perspective on Meme Coins
  8. In the Post-FTX Era: Licensed Hong Kong Exchange Haskey Test Drive
  9. Buying Wonton Noodles with Bitcoin: RedotPay Cryptocurrency Visa Card Test Drive
  10. 🔥Looking Back after Three Years: Buying $100 of Bitcoin Every Day🔥
  11. I’m All in for Real Bitcoin: “Pocket the Bitcoin ETF first”
  12. To understand Bitcoin, start with Cabbage
  13. Preface for Moneyverse: how money works in the multiverse Paperback Edition
  14. BitcoinBreaks New Highs: Five Things to Remember in a Bull Market
  15. A 30-Second Read on Moneyverse: How Money Works in the Multiverse
  16. 🌈Alice in Cryptoland: A Bitcoin-Centric Worldview🌈
  17. Four Years On: Revisiting the Bitcoin Halving
  18. Thinking Fast and Slow on Bitcoin Pizza Day


  1. DHK dao-mocracy: The “making of” validator governance
  2. “Solution looking for a problem” as a path for entrepreneurship
  3. How to take part in Gitcoin Grants
  4. DHK dao’s Fourth Evolution
  5. 🔥The so-called “real name’ is just a legally registered name🔥
  6. Being upright and transparent doesn’t mean one should lay bare
  7. 🌈Towards the Other Shore: How to Create Digital Democracy through Blockchain?🌈
  8. Morning in Hong Kong, Reading at Mount Zero, From Words to Prosperity
  9. Cryptocurrency is super secure, but far from private

Uncle’s Diary

  1. Normal People
  2. Hong Kong is small, Hong Kong is big – Watching Band Four
  3. Time Still Turns the Pages – Preface to the Road of Games
  4. 🔥#photodump Postcards from Taipei🔥
  5. 🌈It’ll be embarrassing when we meet again – Postcard from Edinburgh🌈


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