A 30-Second Read on Moneyverse: How Money Works in the Multiverse

Moneyverse: How Money Works in the Multiverse

  1. The most basic form of financial freedom is having passive income that’s sufficient to support your lifestyle.
  2. The next level of financial freedom involves choosing among various currencies based on needs.
  3. The ultimate financial freedom is the liberty from having one’s assets stripped away.
  4. The higher the level of financial freedom, the more significant the role of cryptocurrencies becomes.
  5. Whenever there’s a little extra money, it must be invested—there’s no avoiding it.
  6. Invest with minimal time and effort, freeing up time for work and life.
  7. Maintain discipline, avoid leverage, and regularly invest in Bitcoin over four years.
  8. Financial freedom is not the ultimate goal but a condition for living out your ideals.

Facing requests for a “brief introduction”,  a “one-minute manual”, or an “explain like I’m five” about a concept, I often find myself at a loss. While I believe readers should be more patient in reading and appreciating works (not just mine, but all of humanity’s), I agree these requests are reasonable. My reluctance stems from my own limitations. I’m somewhat better at elaboration, but poor at summarization. Given an hour, I can explain; given a minute, I shall surrender.

During a publishing meeting at Nowhere Publishing, the chief editor, Annie Zhang, asked if the Chinese title for Moneyverse, “財富自由主義” (A rough and literal translation would be “The ideology of Financial Freedom”) was suitable. I liked it, but feared I couldn’t live up to it, considering historical ideologies have been profound. With courage, I accepted this favored Chinese title, adding the subtitle “How Money Works in the Multiverse”. Still, the title put me into deep contemplation of  the essence of “財富自由主義” that I advocate. Surely, I can’t just say “the answer lies within the book” to skirt around.

In contrast to the dazzling efficiency of feeding an entire book of 100,000 words to ChatGPT and getting a summary in 10 seconds, I spent quite some time to sink into my thoughts and came up with the above eight key points of “財富自由主義” which are also included in the new book. Condensing the ideology into just 149 words, it’s short enough a manifesto to fit into a tweet (or is it now an “x” we say?), or a read in 30 seconds, finally meeting the challenge of writing an “elevator pitch”.

If it’s too short and plain for you, I would suggest a read through of Moneyverse: how investment works in the multiverse and let me explain over the course of an entire book.

Purchase a Signed Copy

Support local bookstores by purchasing Moneyverse: how money works in the multiverse at major bookstores in Taiwan and small bookshops in Hong Kong.

In Taiwan, you can find it at Nowhere, Eslite, Books.com.tw, Momo and others.

In Hong Kong, available locations include Forest Books, word by word collective, Art and Culture Outreach (ACO), Hunter Bookstore, Book Punch, Hong Kong Reader Bookstore and Have A Nice Stay (HANS bookstore). I’ve heard that Mount Zero has already sold out, but I’ll see if I can send a few more copies their way before they close.

P.S. In 2023, Hong Kong artist Chan Kin Fai sprayed graffiti with the word “freedom” in several places and was sentenced to a 12-month probation order. The charge was beautifying Hong Kong and elevating the level of art.

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