LikeCoin Annual Report 2019

Building the Infrastructure of Creative Contents for the Next Decade


In 2019, we launched

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Quarter #1 (Jan. — March)

2019.01.01 — Civic Liker beta

We launched the first phase of the Civic Liker campaign for Early Believers and advocates of creative content.

All participated early support of Civic Liker were given a registration badge dated on 2019.01.01 to encourage pioneer of the movement.

2019.02.01 — Civic Liker Chinese New Year Reward Program

30,000 LikeCoin were distributed daily to reward content.

2019.03.15 — Published the first version of LikeCoin chain, KaiTak

Established first step tech development to look for scalability solutions of the LikeCoin token and launched KaiTak.

2019. 03 — Listed on BitAsset

Listed on BitAsset with LIKE/BTC trading pair.

Q1 Events & Meetup:

Quarter #2 (April — June)

2019.04 — Liker Land (Web) launch

Liker Land served as a go-to website to browse LikeCoin button enabled articles. Liker Land comes with bookmarks, follows, and featured articles functions. It is also the subscription page for the Civic Liker campaign.

2019.05.11 — Creative Commons Global Summit

As an advocate of open business model of creative contents, we introduced the Civic Liker movement to the world at Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon, with the topic Civic Liker — a movement to reward CC licensed contents with a monthly budget.

2019.05.21 — Civic Liker public launch

With the success of the Civic Liker beta in Q1, we gathered all user feedbacks and published the Civic Liker to the public.

Civic Liker — Trade a coffee for a better world

2019.05 — Partnership with 4 media platforms

With the launch of Civic Liker, we also announced the partnership with InmediaHKStandnewsHKCNews, and Matters. Articles on the 4 publications had LikeCoin button attached and supported Civic Liker.

2019.06.04 — Participated AppWorks Accelerator Program #18 & Demo Day

Participated in the AppWorks ecosystem. Gained access to mentors and AppWorks alumni network. Received upto US$300K worth of free cloud and SaaS credits, free use of AppWorks Accelerator coworking, meeting, and event spaces.

五分鐘解釋【讚賞公民】- 讚賞公民基金會創辦人 高重建 — AppWorks demo day #18

Q2 — Events & Meetup:

Quarter #3 (July — Sept.)

2019. 07 — Additional trading pairs on BitAsset

Added new trading pair, LIKE/TWD on BitAsset.

2019.07 — Listed on MyETHShop

LIKE/HKD trading pair is available on MyETHShop.

2019. 07 — Seoul Cosmos HackAtom — Honorable Mentions

Participated in our first Cosmos HackAtom and received honorable mentions. Built a subscription-based module for LikeCoin using the Cosmos SDK, after migrating from the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, built a browser extension to enable the use of the Cosmos SDK-based LikeCoin. (GitHub)

William, Chung and Kin formed Civic Liker Team at Seoul Cosmos Hackathon.

2019.09 — WordCamp HK

Sponsored and participated in the WordCamp HK as a speaker, after the event finally returned to HK after 2010. WordPress websites with LikeCoin plugin installed reached 500.

Edmond representing LikeCoin during WordCamp HK 2019

2019.08 — i612 Lennon Wall on Blockchain

Delivered a side project i612 that enable users to upload images to IPFS and its metadata to the Ethereum network. In response to the social idea of putting creative content on Blockchain.

2019.08 — COSCUP 2019

Delivered a speech on How we develop LikeCoin Chain using Cosmos SDK.

2019.09 — Launched LikeCoin chain test net, Taipei

Launched the LikeCoin chain testnet, TaipeiIt is the closest final version of the new LikeCoin chain based on Cosmos SDK (GitHub). It allowed us to test and debug in a real production environment before the official launch.

2019.09 — Released Pending Like function

Allowed users to receive LikeCoin and check LikeCoin balance without binding crypto wallet.

Q3 — Events & Meetup:

Quarter #4 (Oct. — Dec.)

2019.10 — LikeCoin x Matters Partnership

After nearly a year of planning, we launched our first major partnership with Matters and fully integrated LikeCoin protocol to the platform. All Matters content creators were given a Liker ID and wallet. It helped generated 3200 new users and new registration is growing rapidly each month. This is an important first step and experience to drive future integration with other platforms.

2019.11 — Matters x LikeCoin Taipei Meetup

Hosted a half-day community meetup regarding the strategic partnership with Matters. Community member wrote a great recap.

2019.11.15 — Genesis of LikeCoin Chain SheungWan

With a lot of trial and error over the year, and with the successful launch of testnet Taipei in Oct, we launched our own sovereign blockchain LikeCoin chain, codename SheungWan on Nov 15 2019 based on Cosmos SDK. Validators and tech partners in this first phase include ForboleEnykOurSkyUDomainGLOsNTUTStandnewsCulture & Media Education FundHong Kong Creative Open Technology Association and Matters (GitHub). The data of LikeCoin chain can be browsed on Big Dipper.

Block Explorer on Big Dipper

2019.11.25 — Liker Land mobile app

Launched Liker Land app beta, powered by AuthcoreAuthcore provides layman level ease-to-use authentication and private key management to help blockchain achieve mass adoption. More than 3k+ Downloads from App Store and Google Play since launched.

2019.11 — DAO: Republic of Liker Land

Republic of Liker Land, as of 2019.12.31

2019.11 — First Validators Community Meeting

Hosted community meeting with our LikeCoin chain validators. Attendees include Forbole, Udomain, Culture & Media Education Fund, Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association, Oursky, Enyk, and Matters Lab. Meeting minutes can be found on IPFS.

2019.12 — Civic Liker reached 1k+ subscription

We reached 1k+ Active Civic Liker subscription following the Christmas referral campaign towards the end of 2019. Thank you for all your continuous support and this is just the beginning for us.

Q4 — Events & Meetup:

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# co-written with Phoebe Poon

# Check out LikeCoin annual report of 2017 and 2018 to see how LikeCoin started in the first place.


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