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  • Token Economy: Safeguarding Community Core Values

    Token Economy: Safeguarding Community Core Values

    As discussed in ‘A Contribution to Creativity’ in this series, technology platforms have opened up new mechanisms to reflect, embody and proliferate the core values of different communities. Core values such as family values, environmental justice, or the desire for specific foods are implicit compasses that guide human actions. While mainstream social media platforms are deliberately […]

  • 答客問:LikeCoin 的內在價值是甚麼?

    答客問:LikeCoin 的內在價值是甚麼?

    這個問題在不同場合講解過不下廿次,遂把它寫成 FAQ,比較清楚全面,也省得重複。 內在價值是甚麼? 討論 LikeCoin 的內部價值之前,顯然必須先討論內在價值(intrinsic value)是甚麼。以我理解,內在價值就是一件事物的先天功能和意義,相對的是外部、後期賦予的價值。

  • 不會輸的六合彩居然不是騙案


    我不懂說笑話,甚至不苟言笑到一個點,同事說我面癱。但有那麼一次,約一年前,我午飯時跟會計小姐說了幾句話,讓她狂笑不止,人仰馬翻。我說的是,「嗨,介紹你買一蚊 Pool Together,即係唔會輸嘅六合彩,果一蚊我都送埋畀妳,妳開個 wallet 就可。」

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